Design & Technology is important. VERY important. Yet it remains a rather unknown and often an unacknowledged area of the school curriculum. Linking with several subjects including Maths and Science, it is the practical application of a number of curriculum areas.

Teaching students 'problem-solving', 'creativity', 'practical skills'; it equips students with the skills and attributes required to contribute positively to society.

The links between Design & Technology and industry are obvious. Youth Made Hong Kong aims to bring these two together.

"Education and Industry working together to promote, nurture and celebrate Design & Manufacturing in Hong Kong"

Mabu Design

Design Services for Product and Retail

“Design & Technology is an under-valued subject in Hong Kong, but its key to the city’s hi-tech future. It encourages creativity and innovation by applying their skills from the classroom in tackling a real-life problem." 

Koo Design

Industrial Design Studio


“The ethos of Design & Technology education is to prepare the new generation to deliver meaningful innovation to shape our future society.”

Conway Goh



“Design & Technology is a vital subject at school. It is the practical application of maths and science, and very much needed in the school curriculum for the next generation of  Designers, Architects, Digital Artists and Engineers.”


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